RUM - Web Expertise

since 1988:
Installation and Operation of Internet at Mannheim University

since 1992:
Installation and Operation of Gopher Services at Mannheim University

since spring 1994:
Installation, Operation and Develoment of a WWW-Server for Mannheim University

since 1996:
Installation and Operation of a Cache-Server for Mannheim University

June 1995:
Tutorial WWW for commercial users and potential information providers:
with "Akademie für Weiterbildung" of Universities Mannheim and Heidelberg

July 1994 to June 1997:
NATHAN: Network Administration and Technology - Higher Application and Navigation.
Design and Development of a Database System for IP-address and Userid Maintenance

November 1994 to May 1996:
Fulltext Research in SNI Customer Information System

since March 1996:
MATEO Mannheimer Texte Online: with DDZ, Library and Rektorat
Old Printings and Scientific Texts in the Web

March 1996:
CD-ROM in HTML format: with DDZ and Rektorat
Contents of all Web-Servers of the University on a CD-ROM in HTML Format together with Internet access software for nearly all platforms.

June 1996:
Tutorial WWW for commercial users and information providers:
with "Akademie für Weiterbildung" of Universities Mannheim and Heidelberg

since summer 1996:
Seminar: WWW Technology:
Seminar on current technologies in internet and world wide web.

since Autum 1996:
CD-ROM-Server Project at Mannheim University: with DDZ and Library
Central Access to all CD-ROM Databases of the University

December 1995 to December 1996:
WWW-Data Warehouse on SESAm-Basis: with SNI and FRZ
World Wide Web access to an inhouse statistical SESAM database.

December 1996:
Auslandshandbuch: with Rektorat
Web-Database with international contacts and relations of the University of Mannheim.

Winter 1996/97:
Tele-Seminar: Digital Money in Internet: with Universities Mannheim, Freiburg, Karlsruhe.
Seminar using video conferencing in digital money in the internet.

January 1997:
Internet - Der Information-Highway im Rhein-Neckar-Dreieck:
with "Akademie für Weiterbildung" of Universities Mannheim and Heidelberg

since January 1996:
SAVE, FOCUS: Installation, Operation and Development of WWW-Servers for SAVE (Siemens Informationstechnik Anwenderverein) and FOCUS (Forum for Computers and Communication Users of Siemens Nixdorf)

March 1997:
Distributed Web and Cache Server in Java.
See also the Sixth International World Wide Web Conference (Santa Clara, 1997) Proccedings.

January 1998:
Participation as ecash merchant in a pilot project of Deutsche Bank within the MATEO activities.

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