Contributing to JAS

Follow these guidelines if you'd like to contribute to the JAS project.

If you have any questions about using or developing for this project, send me an email [1].

Issues and Bugs

Submit an issue [2] or pull request [3] with a fix if you find any bugs in the project. See below (submitting pull requests) for instructions on sending in pull requests.

When submitting an issue or pull request, make sure you're as detailed as possible and fill in all answers to questions asked in the templates. For example, an issue that simply states "xyz isn't working!" will be ignored.

Feature Requests

Submit an issue [2] to request a new feature. Features fall into one of two categories:

Submitting Pull Requests

Before you do anything, make sure you check the current list of pull requests [4] to ensure you aren't duplicating anyone's work. Then, do the following:

  1. Fork the repository and make your changes in a git branch: `git checkout -b my-branch master`
  2. Make sure your feature or fix doesn't break the project! Test thoroughly.
  3. Commit your changes, and be sure to leave a detailed commit message.
  4. Push your branch to your forked repo on any Git server: `git push origin my-branch`
  5. Submit a pull request [3] and hold tight!
  6. If any changes are requested by the project maintainers, make them and follow this process again until the changes are merged.
  1. mail to me
  2. new issue
  3. new pull request
  4. pull requests

Heinz Kredel

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